COVID – 19

#Stay Safe


Our world is facing a profound crisis due to coronavirus, our everyday life and plans
have shifted significantly. During this crisis, words like health and safety have
regained great attention and have become priorities into our lives.

In Greece according to official announcements, the virus spread was contained significantly, due to the fact that strict precautionary measures were implemented very fast. Greek Authorities have decided to suspend the operation of summer resorts until 30th of June. So, all of us in Porto Village Hotel we will be very happy to welcome you in our hotel from the 3rd of July 2020.

Compliance with Local & National Public Health Authorities

• An assessment and action plan has been created in line with recommendations, policies and procedures set by local and national Public Health authorities to prevent, manage and mitigate the impact of COVID-19
• The plan is reviewed and updated with any new guidance, procedures, or regulations by the relevant authorities
• A management group to verify compliance is in place that represents all hotel departments, identifying any gaps and actioning any required adjustments and a logbook of actions is kept where appropriate
• Sufficient human and economic resources are made available to ensure the action plan’s effective implementation

Visibility of Key Awareness Messages

• Advisory documents/posters are displayed throughout the hotel to promote key messages among guests and staff. These include:
• Promotion of hand washing
• Respiratory hygiene and coughing etiquette
• The need for social distancing i.e. entrances, reception, accommodation rooms, pool, restaurant, bar, back of house areas, etc.
• Reception staff, if requested, can advise guests of the hotel’s COVID-19 preventative measures
• Telephone numbers of health authorities, medical centers, public and private hospitals are immediately available at the reception desk

Social Distancing

• There is a socially distanced front desk/arrival experience in place that minimizes employees contact with guests. Where possible, contactless transactions are undertaken
• Leisure facilities and public seating areas are reconfigured to promote social distancing. This includes the lobby, restaurant, bar, pool area, pool sunbed etc
• Maximum seating or attendance capacity for facilities is established, and where appropriate, pre booked appointments encouraged
• Spaces where guests or employee’s queue are clearly marked for appropriate social distancing. This includes check-in, elevator landings and taxi lines
• Only guest entertainment activities without close contact will be offered

Training & Policies

• Information briefings and written instructions are provided for employees that include protective measures against the virus and how to minimize its spread
• Employees are informed to always observe good hygiene practices:
• Washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
• Frequent use of alcohol based sanitizers
• Good respiratory hygiene (cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, dispose of tissues in a lidded bin and wash hands)
• A procedure is provided that allows staff to report illness by phone (or email) ensuring workers with early stages of COVID-19 are quickly excluded from work and advised to contact medical professionals
• Staff who have any symptoms, tested positive, or been in close contact with a person confirmed with COVID-19 are excluded from work
• Employees are advised to notify a manager if they see any co-worker or guests showing any signs of COVID-19
• Reception staff, housekeeping, and cleaning staff are advised to inform management of any incidents noted, such as requests for doctors’ visits & possible sickness of any guests in their rooms
• All employees receive training on COVID-19 safety and basic disinfection protocols:
• Additional training on the correct use of chemicals, and wearing/disposal of PPE is provided for employees who have more frequent guest contact, such as housekeeping, F&B, maintenance, hotel operations and security
• Face masks are worn in all areas where employees are producing food (ready to eat and cooked foods)
• Additional training on the use of disposable gloves is provided to ensure correct and safe use.
• Cleaning staff are trained on enhanced cleaning and disinfection required in a room that has been potentially contaminated

Cleaning Protocols

• Hand wash stations and hand sanitizer dispensers (above 60 per cent alcohol content) are installed at key guests/staff locations (e.g. lobby reception, employee & guest entrances, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, pool areas, elevator landings, restrooms, fitness room)
• Regular checks are undertaken to ensure all dispensers, hand dryers and other similar devices are operational and well stocked, with defective units repaired or replaced immediately
• Frequent cleaning and disinfection of all public, communal and back of house areas is in place, with extra attention given to areas frequently contacted such as handrails, switches, door handles, pool seating and surrounding areas, dining surfaces and surrounding areas, etc.
• Enhanced rigorous cleaning and disinfection of guest rooms is undertaken, paying extra attention to common touch, non- porous items, including telephones, faucets, light switches, door & furniture handles, temperature control panels, TV remotes, alarm clocks, luggage racks, safety deposit boxes, etc.
• Items not easily cleaned are removed from guest rooms i.e. notepads, pens, magazines, bed runners, additional decorative cushions, hotel directories, etc.
• Cleaning staff are provided with appropriate PPE as recommended by the WHO, and are advised not to enter an occupied room to clean
• Rooms and public areas are ventilated daily

Managing Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

• The hotel’s documented action plan includes procedures in the event of a suspected/confirmed case, in line with recommendations, policies and procedures set by local and national Public Health authorities
• The ill person (guest or staff member) is isolated from other guests and staff at the hotel. To the affected person must be provided with their own bathroom
• The affected guest room is removed from service and quarantined: The room will not be returned to service until an enhanced cleaning and disinfection process has been completed, using certified products, approved for use against the virus
• The ill person is provided with a face mask and disposable tissues and advised to follow respiratory hygiene processes when coughing and sneezing
• When attending an ill person, or entering an affected area where a person is displaying symptoms, additional protective equipment must be worn, removed, and disposed of in line with WHO guidance
• A procedure is in place for managing soiled/contaminated bedsheets, towels, clothes which includes them being bagged directly into special, marked laundry bags whilst in the room, reducing possible dispersing of airborne contaminants and instruction given to staff to wash them at (70°C or more)

Restaurants & Food Outlets

• Guests are reminded to disinfect their hands with sanitizer, preferably located at the entrance, when entering and leaving
• Table settings are configured to seat a maximum of 4 persons for 10 square meters wherever possible. The distance from the back of one chair to the back of another chair is more than 1m apart and guests face each other from a distance of at least 1m
• Increased in-depth cleaning and disinfection of any buffet areas is implemented and is at least after each service
• Tongs and ladles are provided with individual containers and are changed frequently
• Consideration is given to serving individual portions or providing serviced buffet or table service to minimize contact

Food Production & Supply

A Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is in place based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) processes to manage risk and prevent contamination of food
Food workers (food handlers, staff who touch food contact surfaces or other surfaces in rooms where open food is handled) adhere to the action plan

Physical distancing and strict hygiene and sanitation measures, and the promotion of frequent and effective handwashing are implemented at each stage of the food production process:

• Where physical distancing is not possible, other protective measures are considered and the number of persons in the food preparation area is limited

Processes are in place for external food deliveries to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This includes:

• Drivers are provided with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, a disinfectant and paper towels, to use before handing over any documentation
• Drivers are informed of physical distancing measures and the need to maintain a high level of personal cleanliness, including the use of clean protective clothing
• Transportation containers are to be kept clean and frequently disinfected to ensure foods are protected and separated from other goods that may cause contamination


• Regular tests of pools and water systems are undertaken to maintain concentration levels within the limits of required national standards, preferably at the upper levels
• Dishwashers and laundry equipment are checked to ensure they are operating at correct temperatures, and correct dosage of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals is always applied
• The condition of air conditioning filters is monitored, and maintenance undertaken to ensure increased proper replacement rate for indoor air


Apart from the doctor in order to offer you the highest level of information and confidence we have added some key medical destinations in order to be handy in an unexpected event. Follow the link below: to see the routes and distances between our hotel and the nearest hospital of the area, which is also the COVID-19 specialized hospital in the area.


In the unprecedented events that we are facing, we understand that plans and priorities have shifted for each individual. In response to the uncertainty of current events, we want to offer you some peace of mind regarding your plans and existing bookings by offering you flexible options for your stay.
For existing bookings: Given the state guidelines in existing bookings we will offer either the possibility of change in dates of vacation within 2020 or 2021 or offer a Credit Voucher with the obligation of full refund within a time frame of 18 months from the initial arrival date. In any of the above cases please contact to change your dates or receive the Credit Voucher.
For new individual reservations, we are offering more flexible policies in order for you to book your stay with peace in mind. Feel safe to book your next vacations online at Porto Village for Summer 2020. No cancellation fees up to 7 days before arrival and no deposit required at the time of booking. You may find more information on this link:

For any question or request you may also contact:

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