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Porto Village is located in Hersonissos, 26 km east of Heraklion. Since
1991 we have been open to the public and we welcome visitors from all
over the world, showing them the Cretan hospitality and traditions. Our
traditional architecture is dominated by local, Cretan elements, which
offers even more to the spirit of relaxation that our travelers want.

Ideal holiday choice...

Hersonissos is the largest tourist resort in Crete. Every summer thousands of visitors choose this area for their holidays in Crete. You will find beautiful beaches, a friendly environment and countless entertainment options.

παραλιες χερσονησος κρητη - Porto Village

How to get to Hersonissos

Hersonissos is being chosen from couples of all ages that want to relax,
families with children who want to enjoy beautiful moments or groups of
friends who want to have a taste of the lively nightlife. It’s a
destination that covers everyone’s preferences. Choose Hersonissos for
your holidays in Crete and you will not be disappointed.

Using the highway from Agios Nikolaos in just half an hour you will be in Hersonissos.

You can easily reach Hersonissos by using the national road. The distance from Rethymnon is 2 hours, while from Chania 2.5.

From Heraklion Airport you will be in Hersonissos in about 15 minutes, as it is 20 km away. You can rent a car from the airport or use a taxi or bus.

500 meters from the port of Heraklion is the central bus station. There are buses for Hersonissos every half hour.


Malia is 7 km away from Hersonissos. The city looks like it is divided into two parts, the old town and the piece near the beach, from the main road. In the old town there are narrow streets and traditional taverns with live music. On the other side the scenery changes, with clubs and bars keeping company to travelers who want to have fun until the morning hours.


Hersonissos, due to its intense tourism, offers visitors the opportunity to engage in many activities. You can do water sports (all kinds of watersports are available in Hersonissos), diving, horse riding, play tennis or golf, or even try paragliding. Find out what you like and have fun with your friends or family.


Crete is famous for the beautiful beaches with its crystal blue waters. If you do not want to leave Hersonissos, select Limanakia, or the organized beaches of Silva Maris and Star Beach. However, throughout Crete there are wonderful beaches worth visiting, such as Vai, Balos, Preveli, Elafonisi, Falasarna, Agiofarago, Kedrodasos. Do not be afraid of the distance, the result will not betray the effort!

Choose Porto Village for your stay

The affordable prices, the polite staff and the warm climate make Porto Village an ideal
choice in Hersonissos. Crete is waiting for you...